'Tis the Season!

Not only is the temperature dropping, but the time is running away from me just as quickly! We launched our website in Summer 2018, and here it is October before our second blog post actually shows up!

I'm steadily working on fall and winter soaps and body butters, and next will be spending the winter cracking the problem of bringing my facial cleanser to you in the most convenient usable form. Meantime, life, teens, and trying our hand out at markets and boutiques has been steadily helping to eat up minutes, quickly!

Did you know that winter is the worst time for your skin and joints? The cold makes the potential dryness even worse, and don't get me started on licking our lips. I KNOW! It *does* make them feel better, but literally only for a moment. The salty hydration from our tongue removes the protective oils and what little barrier we have against the elements, and voila! Chapped and crack city!

Our lip balms rarely have sweetener in them for this very reason. The sweetener is what helps to deliver the illusion of "flavor"...but any actual flavor (sweetener or not) tends to make us automatically lick our lips even more. Why? Because...YUM! in most cases!