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#ReducePlasticWaste #UseBarSoap

Did you 2017, the *conservative* estimated total of single use bodywash containers hit 1.4 BILLION for that year alone. That's JUST for bodywash containers, folks...and even worse...that's for America alone! This #singleuseplasticbottle estimate doesn't include shampoos or conditioners or lotion containers...or usage of any of these beyond our country's borders! The number was estimated to go up significantly in 2018 simply due to the naturally higher headcount of not only consumers, but product usage as well.

When The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild began discussions this winter on leading an initiative to help #reduceplasticwaste, we couldn't wait to make the commitment...both here at the Soaperie, as well as in our personal life! We were able to do that officially today at the Guild, and had to share it with you right away. The impact each one of us have on our environment can be reduced in so many ways simply by transitioning from bodywash to bar soap! Sure, bodywash is convenient (I was an Olay girl for bodywash for years!)....but I'll have an option for that in just a moment.

Think of it this way...going from bodywash to bar soap is a deep impact which goes far beyond convenience. It's an environmental waste choice, an environmental toxin health choice, an economy booster, and (most importantly!) a skin nourishing reboot to your very cells in your largest organ system!

#ReducePlasticWaste Not only can you ditch all the single use plastic bodywash containers and reduce your impact on our landfills and oceans in truly measurable way, but you can #ReduceYourToxinLoad on the environment itself (AND on yourself!) by using artisan soaps which are handcrafted (#noChemicalPollutants during manufacturing) using gorgeous #naturaloils and #fairlytradedbutters. Further...if you shop with your local #ArtisanCrafter, you will immediately #SupportYourLocalEconomy in a way which positively impacts straight back to you, too. And don't forget...if you #shopsmall, an actual person will get to a happy dance JUST because of YOU! Finally...honestly, if you haven't tried handcrafted bar soap...jump onboard now! There are so many beautiful #HandcraftedSoaps to choose from, and each #ArtisanSoapMaker will have their own unique artistry to bring to their formulations. Just add a washcloth or scrubbie and you'll have that same convenience you love from bodywash...but with a far healthier product nourishing that precious skin of yours!

Soon you'll be able to make the #ReducePlasticWaste commitment too...we'll share the opportunity with you when the initiative public website is launched by the Soap Guild. Here at the Soaperie, we already use #BioShrinkWraps, #EnviroGlitters, #FairTradeButter, #ResponsiblySourcedPalmOil, some #NaturalColorants (we admit it...we love micas too much to be able to walk away from all that gorgeous color!), and both #AllNaturalFragrances or #ParabenAndPthalateFreeFragrances as part of our SOP to keep our formulas healthy & pretty for both you AND the environment...but we're also intentionally looking over all our products with a keener well as our own personal usage, too!! We know we won't be able to completely reduce to #zerowaste...but we're going to revisit everything we can and change our plastic & environmental footprint as much as we can.

Going forward, we're excited to look into hard lotion bars in reusable tins...offering a "refill" option to reduce your cost as well as reduce our plastic footprint. We're also researching both fully natural and SynDet recipe shampoo bars so you have options to ditch your shampoo bottle as well. We're also proud to already offer #EcoSoapLifts to keep your #barsoaps high and dry! Our soap lifts are made from an eco-friendly corn based plastic right here in the USA. Run them through warm water to clean them, and they're right back in action holding your soaps and letting them dry out between uses. You can find out more about the launch of this incredible Soap Guild initiative here:

We've always encouraged you to #loveyourskinagain and to #rebootyourself. Take that to the next level....and #loveyourearthagain, and change how you impact your world...for both yourself and for those in your life (every single person sharing this planet with you!) #ctrlaltdeletesoaperie #loveyourskinagain #rebootyourself #handcraftedsoap #environmentalfootprintawareness #dowhatyoucanwhereyoucan #itstartswithyou #soapguild #reduceplasticwaste #usebarsoap

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