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  • Will your products help __________ (insert medical condition here)?
    Our products are imagined and formulated from the ground up to be moisturizing, nutritious "superfoods" for your skin. While we cannot make medical claims, each component we use has been carefully considered and chosen to become a powerhouse blend of oils, butters, humectants, soothers, and an all around welcome and luxurious serious change for your skin and your life. A good steward and partner in your Skin Barrier's fight against the incursions of the world. Our products are 97 - 100% natural, and we limit our manmade elements to only well chosen Fragrance Oils which are Phthalate, Paraben and TriClosan Free. We also use Essential Oils for scent, but there are too many yummy fragrances we adore which we just can't achieve with solely Essential Oils. We always advocate the reading of labels to ensure you don't have an allergen sensitivity to a component in one of our products. While natural is always the best choice in the majority of moments, even natural raw materials can be allergens to particular systems (go figure...I have a severe issue with one of my absolute favorite and green cheeses!!).
  • Are your products made in the USA?
    Yes!! We are blessed to handcraft all of our soap, skincare, and haircare products, from design to cut & package, in our Soap Kitchen in West Jordan, Utah. We have partnered with two US makers for our reclaimed wood soap decks and eco-friendly corn based bio-plastic soap lifts.
  • Where can I find your products?
    Please don't hesitate to visit our website. You can either shop online and choose shipping or pick-up, or schedule a shopping trip to our Soap Kitchen in West Jordan, Utah! Throughout the year, we can be found at various Farmer's Markets and events, and will hold a "Soapin' House" at our Soap Kitchen for drop-in visitors as well.
  • Do you ship your products?
    Yes!! We use USPS Priority Mail flat rate shipping for shipping to the domestic United States.
  • Do you make soap with Goat's Milk?
    YES! We adore our luscious Goat's Milk & Rich Cream soaps. We only use local goat's milk and rich cream as our base, plus the decadence of fair-traded Ivory Shea Butter from West Africa's Benin, along Wild Harvested Kokum Butter from Wild Mangosteen trees in India.
  • What is a SaltStone Soap?
    Our SaltStone Soaps are Coconut Oil heavy soaps made with locally sourced ancient Sea Salt from the Redmond mines in Redmond, Utah. Sea salt is a stunning natural humectant which draws moisture to itself, and locks it in to your skin. Add in the amazing gentle exfoliation from the salt itself, and you have an absolute spa day on your hands.
  • Do you make "lye soap" or use caustic soda?
    Absolutely. For natural soap, all soapmakers must use lye (aka caustic soda or Sodium Hydroxide). Sodium Hydroxide is utilized in many industries, including the food industry! In particular, it's used in making Bavarian Pretzels, curing lutefisk or olives, removing vegetable skins for canning, as well as sometimes a part of preserving agents! In natural soapmaking, Sodium Hydroxide is the catalyzing agent triggering the Saponification process which converts fatty triglycerides (all those delicious oils & butters that are so good for your skin) into soap! Some natural soaps may show their ingredients as "Sodium Olivate" or "Sodium Cocoate"....these are the resulting sodium salt names of Olive Oil and Cocnut Oil, after they've been saponified by Sodium Hydroxide. We prefer to show the original names on our ingredient lists as they are more recognizable, especially for someone checking for allergen concerns. As part of our craft, we have chosen to "SuperFat" our soaps, which leaves a chosen percentage of the original oils & butters UNsaponified, which ensures full neutralization of Sodium Hydroxide in the Saponication process. Superfatting also results in a much richer, luxurious bar of soap....perfect for dry or tight skin, and enhancing hydration.
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