Frequently asked questions

Are your products made in the USA?

Yes!! We are blessed to handcraft all of our soap, skincare, and haircare products, from design to cut & package, in our Soap Kitchen in South Jordan, Utah. We have partnered with two US makers for our reclaimed wood soap decks and eco-friendly corn based bio-plastic soap lifts.

Do you ship?

Yes!! We use USPS Priority Mail flat rate shipping for shipping to the Domestic United States.

Will your products help __________ (insert medical condition here)?

Our products are imagined and formulated from the ground up to be moisturizing, nutritous "superfoods" for your skin. While we cannot make medical claims, each component we use has been carefully considered and chosen to become a powerhouse blend of oils, butters, humectants, soothers, and an all around welcome and luxurious serious change for your skin and your life. A good steward and partner in your Skin Barrier's fight against the incursions of the world. Our products are 97 - 100% natural, and we limit our manmade elements to only well chosen Fragrance Oils which are Pthalate and Paraben Free. We also use Essential Oils for scent, but there are too many yummy fragrances we adore that we just can't achieve with only Essential Oils. We always advocate the reading of labels to ensure you don't have an allergen sensitivity to a component in one of our recipes. While natural is always the best choice in the majority of moments, even natural raw materials can be allergens to particular systems (go figure...I have an issue with my favorite.....blue and green cheeses!!).