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Got Milk?

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

In honor of World Milk Day (that's, June 1st!!), I was excited to be able to take a moment and highlight one of our key...and frankly FAVORITE ingredients!

I admit it....I'm a milk-a-holic. My poor mom could NOT convince me to drink water as long as there was milk in the house....and I have passed that trait on to my eldest daughter. I swear...we need to invest in our own personal cow!

But while I love all things milk (it "does a body good!"), today I want to look at it from the Soap Kitchen's deeply held #feedyourskin perspective and belief.

While we focus on Goat's milk for the majority of our Triple Buttersilk Soaps, occasionally you'll find we tap into Buttermilk or Coconut Milk, or even Coconut Cream! (We're also looking into Oat Milk, and Hemp Milk in the near future.) They each function a little differently from each other, but they're in a similar broad category....particularly when it comes to skin nourishment.

The proteins, Vitamins (A & D), and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (primary target: lactic acid!) one finds in milk have been found to be incredibly beneficial in helping nourish your skin to a glowing radiance. Those luxurious AHAs aid in smoothing and soothing skin, and can also function as an extremely mild and gentle exfoliant. The whole package of gotta-have-in components comes together to help soften and utterly soothe skin, and help you hydrate...especially in our hard, dry summers!

So...raise a glass with me, and lather up with our Triple Buttersilk Soaps....and celebrate the beauty of milk!

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