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Feed Your Skin: Coconut Oil

When winter comes on, it begins the onslaught of icy bite and dehydration on your best and most prominent feature...your skin barrier and it's acid mantle! Our skin is our first line of defense in all we do. Whether it's too much or too little sun exposure, dirt and grime from work or adventures, or just the ambient effects of living life...all the atoms and molecules of everything in the world from the healthy and supportive to the pollutants which detract. We formulate our products carefully with each ingredient chosen specifically with the idea of supporting the overall health of your skin's most critical defensive line.

One of our favorite oils to use is rich, gorgeous plant-based Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is a highly saturated fatty acid and incredible resource for your healthy skin barrier function. Packed with rich lauric and capric acids, you'll discover a more hydrated and moisturized skincare experience which includes the enhancement and health of your natural antioxidants as they combat the free radicals coming after your skin barrier.

Coconut Oil features prominently in our products lines, but SaltStone Soaps from Salt and Butters Soap Kitchen are doubly kind to your skin barrier. Coconut Oil is the primary oil used in them, and paired with ancient sea salt (an amazing humectant which actively draws moisture in to attach it to your skin barrier)...this soap is an incredible spa day for you and an incredible way to stand your ground against the oncoming world, protecting and celebrating your delicate skin barrier.

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