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Why Salt & Butter?

3 words...

simple  ~  thoughtful  ~  intentional


Simple...we need to feed our skin as much as we need to feed our bodies. We strive to nourish ourselves from the inside...but tend to forget about just how simple it is to do something incredible for our overexposed and daily embattled epidermis.


Our ingredient choices are fresh, naturally nourishing & moisturizing. Gorgeous butters and rich oils packed full of powerful antioxidants, essential fatty acids, along with incredible additions such as superfood boosts naturally carrying critical enzymes, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and serious Vitamins just to start...all thoughtfully chosen with the sole intent to #feedyourskin. Just please... #donteatthesoap.


My journey began as a child with an auto-immune disorder which originally attacked and inflamed my skin. Just over a dozen years ago, it morphed into attacking my joints as well. It was then I buckled down and became more proactive about my own care...starting with my skin.


The negative response my skin had to most commercially available skincare products limited me to either extraordinarily priced products or a very narrow selection of mundane basics. But I still wanted the fun and delicious sparkle that nourished my skin...without breaking the bank! So the intention began.


I soon discovered this journey was actually a creative outlet waiting to happen. It would come to be able to feed and nourish my hurting skin, but my creative soul as well. Working with the massive variety of natural components to discover the combinations which best serve up their nutrition, and then make it a complete sensory experience? There's absolute magic in that.


Today, Salt & Butter Soap Kitchen is here to help do the same for you.

Our mission is to help you feed your skin...and uplift your heart in the process. Bring a smile to your face as you enjoy the way your skin feels, and far more importantly...the way you feel in your skin.

Salt and Butter Soap Kitchen Fall 2019 -
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