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"Thankful" is a Pale Word.

What a year it's been. All of us have been through quite the rollercoaster of an adventure together the past several years, and for us...2022 decided to continue that rollercoaster in a private way. Sadly, to the point where we had to limit the Soap Kitchen a bit, in order to best serve and support ourselves, but more importantly those around us, and our incredible Soap Kitchen family.

This Thanksgiving, we kept it quiet and simply rested in spending time together. Good food (mom's classic mashed potatoes from their garden are THE.BEST), and Dad's amaretto infused oven-roasted turkey *gasp* (his beloved smoker wouldn't fire up so he limped along with the oven) made the table cheery. After, a family favorite round of Ticket to Ride (Dad and I smoked the board)...made it a blessing to be able to have almost all of us together, and regardless...just love on each other in all our moments, both near & far.

Reflecting on this year and the oncoming Christmas season and new year, I'm indeed grateful for so many things. Starting with the ability to have strong and abiding relationships with my friends & family, it continues with the joy & blessing of being able to forge similar connections with each of you. Being able to have the Soap Kitchen as my creative outlet, and the honor of being able to be part of your lives in even a small capacity fills my heart in a way I cannot express.

Thank you for being part of mine. I am truly...grateful, thankful, and BLESSED. By each of YOU.

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