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Feed Your Skin: Kokum Butter

Keep that nutrition coming!! Your skin goes though so much wear, tear, and downright abuse on a daily basis that pampering and feeding it regularly keeps it in tip-top fighting shape to take on the day!

Serve up that nutrition by keeping your skin richly fed with the simplest products you use as part of your normal daily routine. Another favorite ingredient we love to lean on in that support system is rich, gorgeous plant-based Kokum Butter. Indigenous to the tropical forests of India, Kokum Butter is sources from the nuts or seeds of the Wild Mangosteen tree (garcinia indica). With a uniform triglyceride composition, an emollient nature, high fatty acid content, and nutrient loaded with Vitamin E, you'll find Kokum to be a lightweight powerhouse addition that is BONUS!...non-comedogenic!

This makes Kokum Butter a perfect partner in not only soaps, but lotions, body butters, and Lip Balm as the natural Vitamin E and antioxidants support and boost your skin barrier's own natural functions and collogen production. Kokum Butter also features consistently in Salt and Butters Soap Kitchen's product lines including both our SaltStone Soaps as well as our Goat's Milk & Rich Cream Soaps!

Are you ready to feed your skin?

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