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The ultimate indulgence for your gorgeous face!  Pumpkin Seed, Sunflower, Rosehip, and Evening Primrose Oils join together to fight the wear and tear of the day and all your face goes through.  Make up, sweat, shaving (both the guys and even occaionally us girls!!), all the muck and grime just from walking through the day itself!


Indulge your skin and feed it deeply with this meltaway oil cleanser.  Massage into your skin and it melts into it.  Feel free to leave it on as a moisturizer (I sleep with it on), or just a little water to emulsify it and then rinse.  Your skin will glow and find a breath of fresh air with this incredible little tin.


Start with a Clean Slate today!


(For your convenience, we now package Clean Slate in flat tins.  Regular is $20 (~2 ounces), and new smaller size is $12 (0.9 ounce).)

Clean Slate

PriceFrom $12.00
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Massaging a small amount into your skin and allow to absorb.  Or add a small splash of warm water to emulsify it and rinse gently.

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