A night on the town after hearing Ol' Blue Eyes croon a set...hangin' with the original pack at a table strewn with highball glasses, in leather club chairs at a cigar smoke filled lounge. The gorgeous amber and tobacco combination of this amazing scent bring back an era of simolicity.


Thoughtfully chosen, our soaps are chock full of the best oils and butters for your skin. Creamy Goat's milk and luxurious tussah silk hydrate and soften your skin.

Old Boy's Club

PriceFrom $3.50

Due to the content of natural ingredients, handcrafted soaps, shampoos and conditioners have a tendency to "melt" when they are not allowed to dry completely between uses.  Use soap dishes with draining features in order to encourage your product to dry.

For your convenience, the Soap Kitchen offers eco-friendly corn based bio-plastic soap lifts, as well as artisan soap decks made from reclaimed wood.  We are proud to say both are USA made.