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Made with the Superfood of butters, our body butter will soak into your skin and invite that glow we love. Kokum & Shea butters, along with Coconut Oil work synergistically to moisturize and nourish your outer layers, while Olive and Avocado oils are packed with fatty acids and Vitamins E and A. This is dessert for your skin, folks!


We blend in light Arrowroot Powder in order to lessen the natural "oily" feeling naturally found in a pure oil & butter product, and it brings along with it a gorgeous silken feelings to the Butter, too!


Our fragrances are paraben and pthalate free, and our body butter is colored only with the natural colors of the oils, butters, and takes most of it's creamy yellow decadance from borututu root extract infused in the Shea Butter. Some scents are made on-demand and may take a day or two to fulfill.


  • BRV Edition: * Black raspberry vanilla
  • Creamed Vanilla: * Warmed cream and vanilla
  • HoneysuckleRose: *Sweet summer Honeysuckle with warm roses
  • Koala Mint Morning: *Energizing Eucalyptus and Peppermint
  • Lavender Dreams: * Soft tassi (Tasmanian) Lavender
  • Lotus Spa Day: * Jasmine, with citrus and deep musky undertones
  • Satin & Sandalwood: * Iconic sandalwood softened with vanilla undertones
  • Worth More than Gold: * Fragrance free
  • CUSTOM BATCHES AVAILABLE: If we carry a scent in our soaplines you would like made into a body butter...let us know!

Butter Me Up

PriceFrom $3.00
  • Apply sparingly & allow to absorb.
  • Does not require refrigeration.
  • Do not leave in hot cars, direct sunlight, or ambient temps higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit as the butter will liquify between 85 & 90 degrees.
  • If your body butter melts, you may speed it's recovery up by letting in rest in the refriferator until it resolidifies.  Please stir occaisionally to keep the oils and butters well blended.
  • Because we whip the body butter in production, if your butter melts, the product will be denser when it resolidifies.
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