Part of our crystal collection, this soap starts with our best formula.  Thoughtfully chosen, our soaps are chock full of the best oils and butters for your skin. Creamy Goat's milk and luxurious tussah silk hydrate and soften your skin.A unique combination, we infused our oil for this soap with Clear Quartz Crystals, as well as using moon-charged mountain spring water for our liquid base.  The herbal and lavender aroma are compelling,.and uplift the Amethyst crystal embedded in the sculpted top. Find relaxation and calm as you wash away the stress of the day with this moon & crystal laced beauty.

Amethyst Smoked Lavender


Due to the content of natural ingredients, handmade soaps have a tendency to "melt" when they are not allowed to dry completely between uses.  Use soap dishes with draining features in order to encourage your soap to dry.  For your convenience, Ctrl.Alt.Delete offers soap "lifts", as well as handmade wood soap decks.